Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bound for Glory

Bound Up, In a Bind, Bounding Along....
I have several quilts to bind.
Not my favourite part of quilting but I do feel rather accomplished with this lot.

Less accomplished with this lot....actually all of that cardboard equates to a hell of a lot of flat-pack furniture that has been put together so maybe it is an accomplishment. We'll be visiting the local tip that has a cardboard recycling area. I think it might take a few trips.

On our visit to Ikea we couldn't resist buying this Circus Tent for Ring Master Harvey.
It's quite cool and enjoyed some lovely quiet time in there the other day.
Lucky he's willing to share his toys. 

I don't photograph my food that often but the other night we had sticky date pudding for dessert and mine was extra decadent because I ate it while snuggled in bed.
Thank you Sara-Lee 

My new interest in knitting hasn't abated, just been slightly sidelined with all of The Retreat setting up.
Danielle tweeted that there was a sale at Suzy Hausfrau so of course I had to have a look and somehow these goodies ended up being purchased. The Cashmerino is sooo soft and it is such a deep berryish colour.
No idea what it might become, I guess I'm starting my stash.

Busy busy times around here but we're nearly there with all the furniture buying and setting up at The Retreat.
I can't wait to show off the finished product to you all.
Sew happy,
Abbe x


  1. Pity we don't live closer, I love sewing the bindings down! OK, don't say it, I'm weird!

    Looking forward to seeing more photos of the retreat soon.

  2. busy! Yes I love doing the binding to!