Saturday, March 10, 2012

On one knee

As you know from my last post, things are pretty awesome in the Noble-Fox household!!!
Thank you for all of the lovely comments and congratulations.
Engagements and weddings seem to have the same air of happiness and excitement that pregnancy, birth and a certain little Fox has.

How did he ask, you ask?

Well, on Wednesday the 29th of Feb, I was spending quality time reading the junk mail when I heard them mention on the news that it was the day that traditionally, women could propose to their men.
I made a joke to Mr CP that I had to ask him a question..... and then I went back to the Target catalogue.
A few minutes later Mr CP walked back into the room holding Master Harvey who was carrying a box.
Mr CP said, "Actually, WE have a question for you."

Gobsmacked, I think I said, "Ahhhhhhhh."

Mr CP walked over and got down on one knee and said, "Would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Me, "Yes!!!!"

Harvey kindly held the ring box out but hasn't yet learnt that the second part of Ta' means to let go of what he's holding so I had to prise it out of his hand.

Mr CP then put my gorgeous princess cut, sparkly, white gold ring on me.

This is now my world.....

An awesome dress with pockets!
and the daunting prospect of trying to find THE dress.
 I'm soooo glad for Google and World Wide Web!
Our budget is small.
Think Cheap and Cheerful for the theme.
I'm thinking of lots of lovely handmade decorations.

Possibly some material for ppl to sign to them make into a wedding quilt...?
Or something quilty at least.
Tips, hints and ideas are very, very welcome. 
to help me plan our wedding......

Ab x


  1. Big congrats! Very happy to help if I can :)

  2. That is super romantic.
    I loved it.
    I read it to my fella who loved it too.
    Let me know what I can do.
    Eeeeeeeeeeeep. xx

  3. Awww that's soooooooo romantic! I can't wait til you decide on a theme so we can all get crafty and start bombarding you with handmade decorations.
    PS LOVE those pockets!

  4. I would love to make you something too! Such great news and I love that Harvey was involved too. So sweet

  5. Ohhhhhh!!!!! How romantic and I loved the bit were Harvey wouldn't let go the little box.
    Love the wedding dress with pockets....

  6. How truly romantic. Planning a fun, value for money wedding will be right up your alley. You're so creative and clever and with little Harvey to help it'll be easy.

  7. Such a cute story. You are in with the right crowd when it comes to crafty creations.

  8. We got married on our front porch and had the wedding reception in our garage. It was also pot luck, so everyone brought a covered dish to share. We wrote the book on cheap! LOL

  9. awwww sounds like a perfect way to do it! Looking forward to seeing your wedding plans come to life!

  10. I've gone all mushy inside :o). You're going to have such a wonderful day, there's no need at all to spend a fortune, that's just the marketing people conning everyone. I'm sure half the people getting married nowadays forget there's a marriage after the wedding. Just my little soapbox ;-). All you need are family and friends and a bit of food, booze and music. If you don't need "stuff", ask the family and friends to bring some of the food, booze and music!

  11. For my 40th I asked family and friends to give me a piece of fabric. I now have a beautiful birthday quilt that I adore.

  12. I would like to formally propose to you that I make your fascinator if you are wishing to wear one for the day that is? x

  13. What a wonderful proposal! We did our wedding fairly cheaply. For dessert we had a small sponge cake (to cut) with co-ordinating cup cakes. This was our wedding cake as well as dessert. The local bakery made the butter cake with a lovely pale yellow/butter icing. I then had a fresh baby rose put on top. It was so yummy and everyone said it was so yummy and a cupcake was just the perfect finish (not too much). We had our 2 year-old son there too. It was fabulous having him there. Good luck with your planning.