Thursday, September 1, 2011


Spring has Sprung!
I'm so glad, all the seeds I've been hanging to plant can't be sown until spring. Nothing to stop me now!
The weather, well actually we've already had a lot of spring-like weather over winter but still, it will only improve more.

To celebrate spring I am having a SALE in my Craftumi Store until the end of September.
All of my blog followers will receive 10% off all fabric (postage excluded)
There is free postage on needles/notions for all Australian buyers.

International buyers will receive discounted postage on needles/notions and the same 10% discount on fabric.

 To really celebrate I'm also having a 


A rainbow of fat quarters to boost your collection of solids. 

No big hoops, just leave a comment about your favourite season and why.

I am planning on blogging as much as possible.I feel like it's helping me get into the sewing room and inspired me to finally, yes finally, get my real sewing dream happening.

Looking forward to reading your comments.
Ab x

Ps. I will draw the GIVEAWAY next week


  1. Well I've whinged so much about winter that I think everyone on the planet knows that I was looking forward to spring but autumn is my favourite season. I just love the calm of autumn and the soft golden colours...
    How's the pumpkin going...? :o)

  2. Spring of course.
    Love your rainbow.
    Feeling quite motivated myself.

  3. I love fall, but spring is my favorite because everything gets green and starts growing again. Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

  4. Every season has it's good bits but my favorite has to be spring when everything comes to life again and the days warm up and the sky is bluer!! Hmm, now off to do the spring cleaning....might keep me going until summer.

  5. I love spring the most. It's a sign that the cold is receding and I can start to thaw out!!
    Also love all the spring blooms.

  6. Lovely giveaway! It's tricky to pick just one season as they all have lovely attributes, but I love the flowers in spring!

  7. Hmmmmm, favourite season........ winter! Magnolias are my absolute favourite tree/flower and they bloom at the end of winter. But then I love summer..... and spring..... and autumn is very beautiful too....

  8. I love Winter! What is better than getting some use out of my quilts!



  9. Summer does it for me. I love to be warm and hope that Melbourne delivers a better season than last year.

  10. Autumn, no competition. Big blue sky, nice light, still warm but not too warm, the leaves. Sigh...

  11. I love summer: lying in the hammock in the backyard, eating our meals on our porch, grilling instead of using the oven, biking at the beach and lots of reading and watching movies with our kids.