Sunday, November 7, 2010

Can't beat good advice

Some new practical shoes...

A bit of a wander with my ever-so-slightly pronounced tummy...

And then a day at the beach

The winner of my Dirty Thirty giveaway is Quilt Sue from Quilt Times!!! A lovely lady who lives in sunny England (obviously often wears bikinis) who advised as much time as possible in bikinis and high heels before I am past such things (note: she did add a warning that these things maybe shouldn't be done together...I never was one to follow good advice.)

Lets just say that google'ing images of pregnant woman wearing bikini and high heels is rather...enlightening :o)
Go on, do it.

I'll be in touch Sue and you can buy something to delight your heart.

Thanks for all of the birthday abd belly bloggy love. You all rock!
Ab xx


  1. Oh i can ONLY imagine the images you burnt your eyes looking at. I accidentally came across a very WRONG website when looking up breastfeeding mothers way back when, disturbing!! Love Posie

  2. Quite enlightening. Much more entertaining than whats on TV tonight. I wish I looked as good as that second photo when I was pregnant.

  3. Congratulations sue. Those heels look like killers.

  4. Congrates Sue.

    Not sure about those heels !!!

  5. Congrats to Sue, she is soooooooooooooooo deserving!

  6. Happy Birthday fattie! You are definitely looking knocked up to me and no stretch marks yet so well done on that front. Hope to see you at Crafting tonight so I can watch you eat like a pregnant woman should!
    Phillippa xox

  7. OMG, that's MEEE!! Maybe I didn't win the lottery (as I wrote in my las blog post) but this is just as good, thanks so much Ab.

    Thanks too to all the people here who've congratulated me.

  8. just commit to belly dancing classes after the birth. Youll be right, x