Friday, August 20, 2010


The weather has been brilliant for these guys.
 Just to the right is their 'lake' it could also be known as a rather large pothole in my driveway but since they like to paddle in it....Lake Noble it is.

See that funny grey stuff on the floor?
That's dust. Big, bad, hairy (cat and me), half a pecan, a paperclip and dirt kind of dust.
Amazing what you can find under your couch. I had a good clean up today as a means of de-funking and....

It worked!
I got to sewing straight after I *finished.
This is my first completed flower for Hexed 2010 - a little challenge a few ladies are playing in.

Amazing what a couple of decent sleep-ins, some chocolate and couch time can do.
I'm a new woman.
Thanks for all of the bloggy love.

Happy sewing lovelies,
Ab x

* 'finished' meaning I swept and vac'd most of the house. That's it. It's not like it's spring yet. Plus I didn't want to keel over from all the effort. I needed energy to Hex.


  1. De-funked by ducks and dust bunnies! Love it! xox

  2. Wahoo, welcome back Abs. Pleased you got your much needed rest.

  3. Congrats on the de-funking! Love Lake Noble! LOL Love the hexies too! I found a baggie full of hexies I cut out about 20 years ago. Now I need to make myself a paper pattern so I can start making them into something.

  4. i sometimes fell more like i am "allowed" to sew if i have done some housework first. maybe i would get tons done if i just did a little cleaning and then i would do a little sewing and then before you knew it i would have a productive day instead of just sitting on the couch like i want to.

  5. So pleased you are back and enjoying your sewing again.
    Glad that the big black thing is not in any photos. LOL. I am sure you used it to suck up the fluff.
    Have a great weekemd Abbe.
    I am going to a two day retreat. YEH!!

  6. Good for you. Theres nothing like some almost Spring cleaning. I wonder what will happen when it hits?
    So....youve only done one flower? Maybe theres hope for me yet!

  7. Now I feel guilty, 'cause I need to do an 'almost spring' clean too. But not today, I'm off to quilt group monthly Saturday.

  8. I'm glad to see you back and on form - not too sure about your cure though - how can housework possibly make you feel better? Your hexie flower looks pretty. Is it hand sewn over papers in the traditional way? Or have you already told us how you're doing them and I've forgotten?

  9. I need to defunk too now our big weekend is over. Seeing you are in the mood, pop around whenever.....

  10. Great hexagons, I thought housework was a dirty word and not to be mentioned!!!
    Happy Monday.