Friday, July 30, 2010


This is Annabell. She is being a nice cat.

This is Annabell. She is trying not to get yelled at, hiding behind the curtain. Why, you ask?

Meet Annabell, the BLOODIED BRUISER!


I think there is an unrequited love thing going on with Max the big, bad cat next door.
Annabell and I need to sit down and watch 'He's just that not into you' until she gets the message. 

She is now having a sulk in front of the fire. I tried to clean her up but she wouldn't let me. If she tries to sit on one of my quilts or on my bed....grrrr there will be BIG trouble.
In fact it could be dim sim time for her.

I guess I'd better add a sweetener to the deal.
I love this book so I thought it'd be a good thing to share the love.

If nothing else, the pictures are gorgeous. There's heaps of projects that would be great for gifts, including stuff for dads.

No big hoops to jump through, just leave a comment.
Tell me about unrequited love that you have experienced. Have you ever followed someone around, longingly looking at them with love-sick, puppy dog eyes? (Or puddy cat eyes in Annabell's case)

For a second entry, refer someone else to my blog giveaway and comment about it.

I will draw the giveaway on Friday the 6th of August.
Anyone from any country can enter.

Happy sewing.
Ab xx


  1. Ooh, am I the first entrant? Hope Chinese isn't on the menu tonight Ab, bit scary! I'd love to win this book, it looks ace. My unrequited love goes back to an older man (he was 19, I was 14) way back when. His name was Joe and we were both in a theatre company together. I remember writing him a note and burying it under a tree in the hope some kind of magic would bring us together. It didn't. I was quite besotted, in the way only a 14 year old can be. He dinked me once on his bike and I was in heaven. Wonder where he is now? xo

  2. What a fab giveaway Abbe. I have to think back a really long way to find my last unrequited love. It was my chemistry prac supervisor at Uni. He was a PhD student and about 5 years older than me. I ended up kissing him after a drunk night out at the pub one night, but he had the whole supervisor/student guilts going on.

  3. Oh Abbe its too hard for me right now. I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyy want a a chance to win that book but I am too tired to think of anything to write. I have just gotten home after driving all day to Seymour and back and have just made dinner and am pooped. So please find it within yourself to forgive me and enter me anyway. pulease. X

  4. I was going to say that unrequitted love only comes from babies and dogs but then I really that was all wrong. So I think you must be talking about that 8 year long crush I had on a bloke 9 years older than me when I was a teenager. And to think that he ended up marrying a girl almost my age anyway and I married someone his age and we are now both split up. Boohoohoo
    PS. I think Kate should win. I really like her excuse!

  5. Poor Annabell, I hope her wounds and heart mend soon. I have to go way back to enter your give away! I met my bloke when I was 15 and he was my first true love, tho' I was keen on a tall, cute 12 year old who never did notice me some years before that. Does that count?

  6. Oooo, following someone around sounds like stalking! But alas, you make me think of my year 7 history teacher who stood beside me and drew a time line on my school book. Now that was true love! I was one of his best students too. I found out two years ago that he was still single and my heart skipped a beat. But then I thought, 'What on earth is wrong with him!' =)

  7. Hi, Abbe, thanks for the giveawy, have been dying to get this book! I'm also tweeting it, so does that count as my 2nd entry? And i'll take Dim Sim too, sorry, Annabell, she's cute! And will prob beat up my car and dog, excellent. Hmm, as i've never really been in a relationship, I guess all mine are unrequieted loves- especially Brad Pitt! Gosh, if only he'd notice me!

  8. Oh Abbe I hope poor Annabell has the message now and stays away from that nasty tom.
    Oh I was head over heals with a guy when I was fifteen and would skate up and down the path in front of our home just to see him drive past.For my 16th B/D I asked him to accompany me to see "Billy Thorpe".When we arrived home he kissed me and it was like kissing a brick wall. I fell instantly OUT of love. LOL

  9. MIne....He was/is my (older) brother's best mate. My brother had a party and I came home from being away at uni. The brother introduced me to the most delicious boy I had ever seen... and I could not speak (which, I might add - is a 'blue moon' type of event). Eventually I let out a most awkward 'hi'... I loved/lusted after and had 'whimsical' thoughts about this boy for four years - all the while he had the same steady girlfriend...
    I moved to the N.T for work..18 months later my brother, sister and this boy came to visit (we really were all such great friends).
    I got a new job and uni /study position in Melbourne so had to move back again - this boy wanted to move out of home ( finally)....
    We've been together now for 11 years.
    He still gives me the 'butterfly's" in my belly and I still reckon he's pretty yum!. Cheers. Peta MWAH

  10. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Poor's tough having love issues like that! LOL John and I have been married for 18 years and together for 24. I can't remember a thing from before I met him! LOL Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

  11. Pick me! Pick me! And I can't have Annabelle, cats and I don't mix (oh crap!)
    I have a sad tale to tell. I had a massive crush on this gorgeous boy. So I tried to kiss him. He did not want to be kissed. And I got in trouble. We were in kinder at the time ;) The story ends well though he and his wife are fabulous family friends now....and the crush didn't go away for years "sigh"

  12. Unrequieted love? Sounds like my entire teenage years. And the gorgeous Dr. Mark when I first moved to London. I would have been so much better for him than some soppy girlfriend back in South Africa.

  13. Poor Annabel! I can't think of an unrequited love story but I had to post because Annabel reminds me so much of my little oriental Audrey who no longer lives here - she had a bit of unrequited love for the new baby and it was the cat or the bub :( Hope Annabel recovers soon.

  14. Obviously "teenage" and "angst" go together! My first unrequited love was in Year 8, he was good looking and athletic but I was only ever a mate. The coolest girl in the class had her eye on him and I never stood a chance. I saw him at a school reunion a few years ago and he's still a great guy but father time has not been kind -a great reality check on any sentimental memories!

  15. Hello Abbe, this books sounds great,congratulations on your blog achievement. I have been married for 25 years so I have lots of love moments. Good luck to Annabelle.
    Happy days.

  16. OM goodness your poor cat, sending get well first unrequited love was a boy in high school called Ross he was gorgeous and I was the plain kinda girl, yep you can guess the rest, he went for a gorgeous girl.....oh well.

  17. Abs, unrequited love-when I first found your blog of course. Now as for introducing you around I am always telling people about your blog and will carry on doing so- not to strangers though!!

  18. I had unrequited love for 6 years to my best friends boy friend. I found out just recently that he committed suicide because she gave him up after being together all through primary school,high school and years after that too! Poor guy's heart was broken....Grrr to her!! Any how I'd love a chance to win your lovely book! Just joined you and put you giveaway in my side bar - I know there were no hoops but hey why not! :-)

  19. ummm, my high school physics teacher. only about three girls did physics, weren't the rest of them jealous, he was soooo not a geek.

  20. Mememe please! I'm dying to get that book! I'm slave to 2 cats if it makes any difference!! The closest thing to unrequited love in my life right now is wanting more babies and not being able to have them right now due to infertility. :-(