Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I ask a favour...?

I spoke to a very good friend of mine today. She's a quilter and has a similar fabric addiction to mine, although she seems to be able to control hers a little better than I can. Sadly, her reason for calling today was to tell me she needs to go to hospital for a while. She suffers from depression and it seems at the moment it is getting the better of her. I knew she was struggling but I didn't realise just how much. This lady is a loving, caring woman with a great husband and wonderful kids but she can't find a way out of the place she is in.

The favour....I want to make her a quilt. She doesn't have a lap quilt of her own - like many a builder who doesn't work on his own house, she is a quilter that doesn't work on her own quilts, she's always so busy working on other people's as well as charity ones. I was wondering if others in blogland would be willing to make a simple block or two and I will put them together and quilt it so that she can be wrapped in love and support while she works her way through this low.
I know it's a big ask but since bloggers seem to be some of most generous and giving people I have 'met', I thought it was worth a try.

Her favourite colour is purple so I thought a simple block in two co-ordinating purple fabrics would work. Above are the type of colours I am thinking but she likes all purples so a bit of contrast of light and dark would be great (I've realised I don't have much purple in my stash!). Please comment if you are willing to do a block or two and I will get in touch with some more specific instructions. When I say simple I am thinking something like a 5" square with chunky boarders, making a 10" finished block. Maybe like this -

EDIT: I would like to get this quilt quickly so if those that are willing to make block could do so within the next two weeks or so, I'd be very grateful. I will email those that have commented that they will make a block. If you'd prefer not to comment but would like to help please contact me directly via email - abbe dot noble @ bigpond dot com 

For my own WIP, I have cut out all of my little squares but I've decided that need some more. I've ordered one more charm square pack from the US so when that arrives I will start piecing this one. I'm happy with how it is looking though. Not sure of the finished design yet so I will sort a layout once I have those other squares.

On a super happy note....I am a WINNER! I have won TWO giveaways in the last week.
First I received an email from Tara at Waffling On saying that I had won this little beauty. I'll take a pic when she arrives and then.... I won the lovely Ms CurlyPops giveaway! That is a custom made surprise so not pics til whatever it may be arrives.I LOVE surprises (especially good ones :) I can't wait to see both. With all this giveaway love I am thinking I better repay the favour. I'll have to have a bit of a think....

Happy Sewing,
Abbe x


  1. Abbe,
    Such a great idea to make a lap quilt count me in I am be able to make a block or two.
    Sylvia F :)

  2. Having suffered for years and been in hospital myself with depression I would love to help out! What a lovely friend you are Abbe xox

  3. I'll make a block or 2.
    Send me your snail mail.
    What is your timeline?
    Andi x

  4. Hi Abbe
    I can definitely help out. I have purple in my stash already (my little sisters fave colour). I'm not a quilter but as long as you keep the design simple enough for me, I should be ok!
    Cam x

  5. I'm with Cam , I'm no quilter but keep it simple , very simple , and I 'd love to help , just let me know the specifics !

  6. That is such a lovely idea and I am happy to make a couple of blocks for you too Abbe. I have your address. Maria

  7. Happy to do some squares....will await further instructions, lovely gesture for your friend.
    Also.....go buy yourself a tatts ticket now!

  8. Count me in Abbe, send me your snail mail and I'll pop something in the post for you straight away.

  9. Hi Abbe

    I'd love to help out with this project! I also experience depression, and am just getting ready to return to work after a debilitating six month bout of major depression. Purple is my fave colour, so I have quite a stash of it. Please email me further details regarding blocks you'd like.
    What a great friend you are to support your friend and make her such a lovely thoughtful gift.
    Kelly :-)
    PS: Friendship is important to all of us, but I know first hand just how much friendship means to someone who struggles to like them self, so I'm sure your friend values your friendship immensely and will treasure your gift!

  10. i would like to contribute a block or two to her. i know how hard depression can be and knowing that there are people supporting you is a huge help. let me know what i can do. i don't have much purple stash....


  11. Count me in. I love purple. I will get it done by Tuesday, so I can get them in the mail asap.



  12. I've recently been through a family crisis and many blocks were made and put into quilts by blog friends from all over the world! I'd love to make a few blocks for your friend! Just email me with your address and I'll try to get something put together and sent off in the next few days! :0)

  13. I can do that, no problems. What's that saying............'There but for the grace of......' could be anyone of us at any given time.

  14. Would love to help out too - shall head up and pull my purples out of the stash and make a couple this arvo. Let me know your snail mail address and hopefully they'll be in the mail tomorrow!

  15. If you still need a block (or two) please let me know the details as I would love to help out.

  16. I've got some purple scraps too, let me know if you still need blocks!

  17. What a lovely thing to do for a friend in need. I checked the block it's within my limited straight sewing ability and there is plenty of purple fabric in my stash - would love to make some blocks.

  18. Oh I am sorry that I only just read this!

    Let me know if you need any more blocks and I will make a couple ASAP.

    Such a lovely idea, Abbe.