Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on my Internet presence and in particular, the Internet presence of my kids. I've introduced them through the blog, I've used their names, and of course their pictures. I feel like they have some lovely cyber aunts, who go out of their way to ask how they are. It's wonderful, it's kind and I really appreciate it but....

Is it okay for me to put pictures of them out there when they aren't old enough to consent?

Is it a bit rich that in a few (well, quite a few, I hope) years to ask them to consider their Internet presence when I have actually made one for them already?

I absolutely adore my boys. I, of course think they are the cutest, funniest, most fabulous children that have ever been born - I'm their mum, how could they not be top notch? But, do I need to brag online in order to appreciate them in all their glory?

What do you think?



  1. I for one love to see your boys and I think in today's world it is the way folk do things.... I must admit I am not a lover of Facebook but I guess blogging is much the same???

  2. Hi Abs, It's sad when we even have to think of this isn't it. Certainly don't stop talking about your boys, we love hearing about them and the things they are upto and it is your right to be proud of them. If concerned cut back on photos of them. You need to follow your heart but remember they are who you are.

  3. Having the same feelings here. Putting myself in their shoes and wondering how I would feel if my parents had blogged my life and I've decided I don't think I would be terribly comfortable with it. It's another reason I slowed down blogging. Trying to get back to it without as much kid content, especially photos. I still want to produce a record that they can read in future but not be so easily recognized by other Internet lookers. Does that make sense?

  4. I've had my blog for 7 years now (I think) and I blogged about my boys and used photos. Changed their names because I didn't want their father googling our names and finding the blog. (That's why I'm Frogdancer on the blog.) A couple of years ago two of them asked that their photos not be used any more.
    That was fine by me.
    Your kids'll speak up if/when it becomes an issue for them.