Monday, August 1, 2011


Humph was the word of the day that I decided on this morning. Last week I went in search of some material in my sewing room and a big slap of reality hit me in the face.

I have too many sewing projects.

There I said it.

I don't really believe you can have too much material and for me collecting is part of the obsession hobby. But I have so many 'one day' quilts and good intentions but things just are not getting started let alone finished. Actually I'm not too bad at starting, it's definitely the finishing that is more of the problem. But how many WIP's and/or UFO's are too many?
It's not okay to have a whole tub (which I can't close the lid of due to the contents) of 'Tops to be quilted'.

It's not really okay to have a project on my design wall (floor) for months at a time. 
It's squares, I'm sure I could have it sewn up in one afternoon.....

Nope, not okay to start another masterpiece...

So I am committed.
Committed to finishing.
While he sleeps.

The next few days I will see me sorting through and prioritising. I will be making lists.
I will be getting things done.
Hold me to it. 

Ab x


  1. I can't say how many is too many...but I think we all know when we hit that "overwhelmed" point LOL. Good luck with your finishes!

  2. Good luck with all that.

    I probably should confess some sins too.....

  3. Thank goodness he's a good sleeper then Abbe :o)

  4. Yeah ... good luck!!!
    If you can do it with a new bubba in the house, then I should be able to stop starting new projects and get some of the older ones done.

  5. Good luck! I should probably do that but I think I would scare myself silly.

  6. Yep! That is why I joined "Sew it's Finished" A blog you can join, make a list of UFO's and post as you finishe them. No pressure. Check it out Ab.
    Hugs for Harvey.

  7. ummm I make a promise to myself every month that I will finish off my quilt tops and then I go and start another quilt!!! Good luck with your pile.

  8. I too have many WIP's and tops to be quilted. I have them in a platic tub, but I am concerned about air flow (actually,lack of) within the tub. Any suggestions?