Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good crafternoon

Today I have all the makings of a good afternoon of crafting:
A pile of rainbow to turn a spark of an idea into a reality.

Flowers from a friend to celebrate my three months of motherhood. Lucky me!

A 'made for tv' movie for background noise. 

A sleeping Harvey.
Sleep promotes sleep 'they' say.
A gold star for his efforts :o)

Happy crafternoon to you all.
Ab x


  1. Gorgeous pile of rainbow fabrics. I wonder what youre making?
    Its lovely seeing a sleeping baby. Our Violet had a bad night so she will be sleeping that off today hopefully.

  2. What a gorgeous rainbow. I wonder what they are going to become?

  3. What a cutie....enjoy your sew time!

  4. Enjoy your stitching time while sweet Harvey sleeps.

  5. Your flowers and fabric are both lovely! I always heard babies grow when they're sleeping. Mine seemed to grow all the time! LOL