Monday, February 14, 2011


Fortunately the new house is a little bigger than the one I've sewn. A quick creation for Danielle as part of the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. She's making an ace quilt called Tiny Town which I really, really love. It's my first project in the new house and not bad considering the shamozzel that the sewing room in still in.

Okay, it's not too bad but downsizing in the craft department isn't so easy. It has made me start to think about scrap management so I have been through some 'might use one day, various size and colour scraps' and got them sorted. I was even brutal and threw stuff out. Not much in scheme of things but at least three bags got downsized to one.

And as for the tummy, that is continuing to expand, as expected. Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon having High Tea with some friends as a sort of Baby Shower. Many sage words of advice for me and way too many sweet things eaten so I guess the tummy will be even bigger by the end of the week ;o)

These photos were at 32 weeks and I'm half way through 33 now. Time seems to be marching on which is exciting as well as daunting.

This is my last week of work so I am really looking forward to finishing up on Friday and starting the 'festival of sew' on Monday...interspersed with a lot of daytime tv and playing with teeny tiny clothes in the nursery.

See you in Sewland peeps,
Ab x


  1. I've missed the baby belly pics! Glad to see you're settled in enough to do a bit of sewing! :0)

  2. Oh the tummy is looking good. LOL. Pleased you are keeping well.
    Love your house block.
    It is hard to go through your fabrics and downsize but sometimes we need to be brutal.:(.
    Sounds like a nice tea with your friends.
    Enjoy your ME time till bub arrives.

  3. Tunny and sewing room coming along nicely. Can't wait for the festival of sew.

  4. awwwww, have been waiting for this installment of the baby belly pics, gorgeous! time is flying. lovely to see that you have your sewing room sorted enough to sew - most important. your house block looks fantastic.


  5. You crack me up with those belly shots.....

  6. Very cute tummy, so neat and compact! And the sewing room looks good- I also had to downsize, and chucking out is hard, isn't it? But at least you keep your room, and don't have to give it up for the nursery haha

  7. so glad you settling in my dear, my thats a big belly you have there! well done xoxo

  8. I didnt know you were still working!
    I never worked during my pregnancies and really admire anyone who can. The space is looking more sorted than I thought and your gorgeous belly is absolutely divine. You must be around four weeks ahead of Adelin as she has 11 weeks to go.
    Exciting stuff! x

  9. Aw Abbe, your tummy is beautiful. I can't believe that 33 weeks is here already, it has just flown by. Amazing. A great time for you to be stopping work and just making your new house into a home in time for bubba

  10. Not long to go now. Enjoy your "me" time and get loads of sleeping and sewing done, cos you might not have time in about 6 weeks!

  11. wow, 33 weeks already Ab!
    great looking tummy there, very exciting times ahead ♥