Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Mojo

I wouldn't be the first to say that I can't believe it is 2011 already. Where the heck is time going? The months have zoomed by. Maybe it happened when I started counting my time in weeks, scans and how tight my pants had become.

2011 seems to have brought sewing mojo that I am enjoying. I have one more block to quilt on the Purple Wonder - to be attended to straight after I finish this post. A label and it's done. Phew!
The owner to be has just settled on her new house and it is going to look great draped over the couch in her lounge or on the pretty brass bed she bought to celebrate her new surroundings.
I have also started a red and white quilt. Once again I pondered making a Disappearing Nine Patch but I was so taken with the simplicity of the 6.5" blocks that I've decided to save the DNP for another project to be.

No resolutions for me in the new year. My only plans are to write a list of things I want to make along with a list of projects that I want to complete. Other than that we have to pack and move house, unpack, bring a baby into the world and.....bugger it, that's all that needs to go on the list for 2011.

Happy New Year Sewing Lovelies - It's going to be great!

26 weeks and 3 days

Sideways tummy - still looks big :o)
Abbe xx


  1. Love the Simplicity of the R & W Quilt..you are really coming along in the Baby way your tummy looks so cute...glad you have some sewing mojo before the little one arrives..

  2. Wow. Love the cute round ball baby bump. Love your quilts. You will be organised when the baby comes

  3. Great job on the purple wonder! Love the red and white quilt too. I'm going to be making a quilt for Brian for his birthday next month and I'm thinking about doing a dissappearing nine patch for him. Greaet baby belly shots! :0)

  4. You caused a huge smile to cross across my face......you are one brave girl to show your tummy but you look great! I think your list of things to do is enough....have a little one will keep you busy for a while.

  5. congrats on the pregnancy. you look great! Ive been missing from blog land for a while cause you no why. I love the red quilt! and yes by the way the thing that i tried to knit was a little handbag, sorry for the very late reply!!!

  6. Oh dear, the Christmas table wasn't kind to you was it ;-)

  7. I'm glad the mojo's come back. The red and white looks great, I love that combination.

  8. Still loving the fat guts ;)

    I guess by now the purple wonder is finished? Loving the red. Talk soon lovely xox