Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I sewed!

After posting yesterday I put the computer down, I went into the sewing room and I sewed.
It felt great.
This is the little project that I began in June last year. Anna Maria Horner flannels. They are soooo soft.
It is a very simple quilt since the fabric is so busy - it should never have taken me so long to do!
I've pieced all nine rows and just have to sew them together.
Playgroup this afternoon so that might be tomorrow.

As for His Highness...
His first ever meal - pumpkin was the dish of choice.

He doesn't seem overly impressed by this weirdness in his mouth.

But happy as usual.
He made some hilarious faces and I think he managed to swallow a little bit.
The blankets behind him are to push him forward so that he can fit in his highchair. We're all about adapting in order to not let this brace mess with our life too much.

I'm planning on blogging more and therefore there better be a reward for you reading it.
Look out for a GIVEAWAY in September!!!
Abbe ;o)


  1. The sewing looks good and the little man looks okay too...! Gotta love pumpkin..

  2. I'm glad he can still sit up in the high chair for you. He looks like he's enjoying his pumpkin. You should see the faces they pull when you give them ice-cream for the first time! Probably not a good idea just yet.

  3. Ah the joys of solids - wait till you get sprayed from a rasberry blown with a mouth full - look forward to seeing that pic!

  4. well, I dont' think I would be overly happy with pumpkin as my first ever meal! Great sewing effort, I love that fabric x

  5. Well I must admit I wouldn't be too happy with pumpkin either - what's wrong with roast beef?

  6. Sew nice for you to sew again Abbe.
    Don't you just love him to bits.XXX
    That pumpkin is nice Harvey!!!!

  7. Those pictures of your little one are sooooo cute, will put a smile on anyones face.

  8. Loving that AMH flannel.
    Go little Pumpkin Man!!!

  9. LOL...I remember that same look on Brian's face when I tried to feed him spinach! LOL

  10. i love the silly faces they make when they taste something new...Delilah had avocado first and she made awful faces but kept on eating. go figure.