Friday, September 9, 2011

A meeting of minds

Sometimes the best way to get an invitation to somebodies house is to just invite yourself.
Ms Narioka and myself plotted and then garnered ourselves an 'invitation' to visit that Bianca girl who makes stuff. Not such a big trip now that she is a Victorian again.

I packed the kid.
Ooh look shiny thing!
I packed the car. 
Kisssy smoochy noises!!
I packed some craft. 
This finger tastes almost as good as my thumb!
I packed some munchies. 
See no evil!
What's the point of having kids if you can't amuse yourself with them???

There was craft - Bianca's scrumptious hexies. 
Julies wonderfully pretty hair clips. 
We stayed up late talking while we stitched.
We had an ace time.
Welcome home B.

There was a missing member to the quartet - her nose is in a book as she studies hard but next time...whoa nelly, it'll be a SIT reunion!

Photos taken by the rather effortlessly talented Jules.

Another visit to RCH for Master Harvey and his gammy hip.
He had an ultrasound with the brace on and then with it off and it's doing really, really well.
He's even allowed time off for good behaviour so he had his first bath in four weeks. He was quite swimmy once he realised he could be.
Back to the doctor in 5 weeks so fingers crossed for lots more growing which will make this process lots quicker for Harvs.
Today he modelled a gorgeous 'bomber' style jacket from the range 'Baby Takes a Trip' designed by my childhood bestie, Hayley. Check out her online store. She stocks really pretty, vintage style clothes for kids.

Quiet night in tonight. Couch, chocolate and trashy tv.
Ab x


  1. What a sweetie! Go Harvs Superstar.

  2. Ditto on having an ace time. Glad Miss B is closer.
    I love that pic of you having a smooch. So pleased the little man's gammy hip is getting better.

  3. Sooo cute! I was so shocked to see you I could hardly even chat

  4. Absolute adorability!
    Its nice to see you getting out there and crafting again.
    But are you hexying without me? Haha.


    p.s so good to know Harvey is mending

  5. So good to go and have time with the girls and stitch chat and eat.
    Oh Harvey is just soooooo cute I could eat him.

  6. You have such a cutie there....glad you got out and had some sew time with friends...

  7. Great progress with your hips Harvey. Make sure Mummy keeps you entertained.

  8. Awesome bomber jacket! Nice to hear of the lovely stitch weekend. Loving the hexes!!!

  9. Hooray for girly crafty catch ups!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for introducing your gorgeous little man to me and mine. We had a wonderful time, and now that I know your only an hour away, I sense there will be many many many more catch ups :) And and yay H man for the super strong growing!!