Monday, September 5, 2011

A finished Wonder!

I'm hoping the generous and wonderful contributors for this quilt haven't all given up on me. I deserve a smack for taking so long and and even bigger whack since the quilt has been complete since the end of last year, it just needed a label.
That's been printed for several months.
Finally last night, I stitched it on.
The Purple Wonder is complete.

A gorgeous quilt for my dear friend who still finds herself struggling and who will love this quilt through her good times and bad.

To be gifted next week.
More photos then.

Master Harvey has been entirely breastfed for five months (he reached that milestone on Saturday - it's gone sooo fast!) but there's been a hiccup with supply so I'm boosting his feeds with a bit of formula.
This is only his 5th bottle and he's already mastered the bottle and toy hold.
What a smarty pants :o)

Abbe x


  1. So good to hear you have allowed yourself a bit of sewing time!
    How beautiful is that image of Harvey?!
    Cant wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. Such a cute pic, a multi tasker for sure, being male though he'll probably lose that ability by the time he's ten..!! :o)

  3. Hi Abbe, sorry about the no reply thing, I am not sure how to change the settings :-( I love the sneak peek of the purple quilt. Your Harvey is growing up so fast :-)

  4. I can't wait to see the big reveal of the Purple Wonder! Congratulations on getting it finished! Love seeing little Harvey! :0)

  5. i am excited to see more pictures of the purple wonder!!