Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better Days

With my assistant on the floor I'm ready to sew.
I needed a 'Go-bag' to hold a couple of nappies and wipes for those days where we are unlikely to need the big nappy bag.  
I re-purposed a very badly made apron from years ago. Back when I didn't understand sewing speed control or the need to get a machines tension sorted.

The quality control tester has approved so I can claim and very small, very quick finish. Woohoo!!!
No more daggy plastic ziplock bag!
A huge storm rolled in this afternoon. Thunder, lightning and then the power went out.
It hasn't stopped raining for several hours and soon I'm going to need scuba gear to leave the house.
Weather like this calls for soup.
Minestrone just reheating now for my dinner.

My tired eyeballs aren't necessarily rested as the Monster is waking for feeds during the night again (must be huge growth spurt as he's feeding more than ever!) but feeling much better.
Thanks for the kind words lovelies.

Ab xx


  1. Your Quality Control inspector looks as though he loves his job.

    Sorry he's waking you at night again, but hopefully he'll soon get over thinking that it's a good idea!

  2. Cute bag! Good thing quality control approved or you'd have to start all over again! LOL

  3. I went through three kids at that small person stage, telling myself (with hands over ears) that plastic ziplock bags, used to within an inch of their life, were NOT daggy. Hot damn. You've proved me (belatedly) wrong.