Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tired eyeballs

I was a productive woman yesterday. There was lots of washing hung to take advantage the breezy, sunny day, some weeding in the garden while the Monster watched from the shade of a brolly, exploring grass for the first time and a walk with our lovely Playgroup buddies.

Last night I was fired up thinking of all the things I could do today - I felt some crafting coming on....

And then I woke up.

Just one of those days where I feel sluggish, a headache has tugged at my temple all day and I feel like it's been a wasted day.  I did manage a short walk to Playgroup and a chat with the other new mums.

I've nearly finished the AMH flannel quilt, just got to finish tying it. I'm loving how soft it is and can highly recommend the flannel for a quilt or even just backing. The Lou Lou Thi line is being released in flannel...might just have to get some.

The little Monster is awake so maybe I can cure what ails me with some smoochy cuddles.

Ab x


  1. No good. :0( Hope you are feeling better in the morning. xx

  2. Oh I do hope your smoochy cuddles made you feel heals better.

  3. hope you feel better...i know how a headache can put the keebosh on being productive and creative.

  4. What a shame, it's horrible when you have all sorts of plans planned and then nature throws everyhting off! Hope you feel better now?