Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheap Thrills, Multitasking and a Winner

One boy likes sitting in a box while he sings music from the Blues Brothers (his current obsession) so I thought I mose well put the little boy one in too.
We're all about expensive toys in this house :o)
Today I am trying to get things done.
Sometimes that means doing two things at once. 
If only he could fold while I carry him and the basket to his room.
Something to work on...

Yesterday while I should have been drawing a giveaway winner, I was making butter!
Ever since I watched a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals ep as few months ago I've been hankering to try and make my own. Guess what??? It tastes like real butter. A carton of pure cream in the KitchenAid mixer and about ten minutes later I had butter and buttermilk.
I added a little salt and ta dahhhhh!

Now, that GIVEAWAY winner - Random Generator says Number 1.
Lizzie, that's you!

Email me your snail mail details and a rainbow will be in your letterbox soon.
Thanks for commenting everyone.

Time for lunch and dishes before my 'distracter' wakes.
Have a great, sunshiney day people.
Ab xx


  1. No way..!! Wow, thanks Abbe, I could use a rainbow right now, you've just made my day..hehehe.. :o)

  2. I made butter accidentally once, not that hard to do! That box thing is so good for boys. Be prepared to get him big fridge size ones when hes older.
    Good to see youre sewing again!

  3. Go lizzie!!!!
    Butter looks yummy.
    Little man as cute as ever.

  4. My kids always loved playing in boxes, and the bigger, the better! LOL I had no idea making butter was so easy!

  5. Great photo of the boys in the box.
    Harvey looks a little surprised in the laundry basket.Perhaps he did not like the idea of folding the washing.

    congraulations Lizzie on the win.

  6. Yay, boxes and rainbows. How great is that.

  7. I made butterlast year - so easy and so yummy :) We made scones and had homemade apricot jam on them with the butter - yummo
    Have a great week