Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A day Off!!!

I had a day off.
That may not seem like a big deal but, it's the first one I've had in 5 months.!
Mr CP was in charge of Harvey Monster and I had the whole day to do as I pleased (of course interrupted for feeds but then I handed H straight back!) and I spent my day in the sewing room.

It was wonderful!

Does anyone else do the "Ta dahhhh!!!!" reveal of their quilt tops?
I did with this one except it went, "Ta dahhh...ohh crap!"
I'd sewn a row upside down :o(
Unsewed, resewed and

Ta Dahhhhh!!!!! 
I'm machine quilting in the ditch but without the backing on as I want to 'bag' it and then tie the back on.
Something different for me but I think it will work well.

One day away from him is enough.
For now...

Abbe x

Don't forget the GIVEAWAY.
I'll draw it this coming Sunday evening, the 18th Sept.


  1. Hes so cute :- ) love the quilt top. Would love to know what you mean by bag it and tie the back on. Is it easier? I have no idea about quilting except for one tutorial I read, just sort of make it up as I go along. I wonder if it's similar to something I saw in martha srewarts book. I bet out of all your quilts that one means alot to you because of how precious that spare time is

  2. Not only do I have 'ta daah' moments but at some point I often hang up the quilt top somewhere visible to the whole family for a period of "admiration".

  3. What a wonderful husband...glad you got some time away....and your top looks wonderful!

  4. Well, you have definately earnt a day off - here's to many more! I had every Saturday afternoon off, still do, hubby has to tend to the boys and cook dinner. I put my little earphones on and put my hand up in the stop position if any person under my shoulder height comes towards me.

  5. Nice to have some me time but I can see why you only want one day.
    Love your TaaDahhh flimsy. I do that too.

  6. Wow what an awesome day you must of had. I occassionlly have those days. I call them sanity savers.