Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not bananas in pajamas!

Abbe in pajamas!
I bought this fabric years ago with the intention to make jarmy pants.
I used another pair as a pattern of sorts and came up with these.
It's a lovely cream, pink and brown pin stripped, soft cotton (that wrinkles lots!) and I think they are pretty cool.

I had a good rat through my fabric tubs and found several things I had forgotten about. I'd love to have my stash on show one day. I think it would have me making more from it that way.
I might have to request a set of custom built shelves by Mr CP.

Happy Grand Final day (Aussie Rules Football).
I am not much of a footy supporter but I am a supporter of party food so that's what we're having.
Hello 'Party Pies', sausage rolls, jelly, lollies and fairy bread!

Of course some Harvey pics.
The Mexican standoff. Harvey versus Annabell.
Thanks God the dog doesn't come inside! 
There's no more room on me :o)

Have a great weekend,
Ab xx


  1. Hope you had a good part feast?

    I love the Mexican stand-off photo, and the one of you being used as a comfy mattress is great.

  2. Nawww, photos of sleeping bubbas are great xx

  3. What a sweet picture of you and Harvey and Annabelle! Love the pajama pants too! They look very comfy! :0)