Monday, August 29, 2011

A little progress

I have done some sewing.
But only a little progress has been made on sorting my UFO's. 
But since it's the guest room and there's been guests and since the winter has been more springlike...
I've spent lots of time walking my boy around the neighbourhood and playing in my plots.
Hello snow peas!

Harvey's sleeps are getting shorter so more awake time means more play time.
It amazes me how much time I can spend tickling, making faces, singing (tunelessly), squeaking toys and general mischiefing with my boy. It's ace!

I can feel the sewing mojo returning. Yippee!!!

That's it, computer down and to the sewing room I go....
Ab x


  1. Enjoy Harvey.They grow up so fast.
    You can sew when he is asleep.

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