Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some sewing

Well I did sewing of sorts.
The last few days have been sunny and blue skies so I've taken full advantage and played in our new 'no-dig' veg beds and have sewn some seeds. I can't wait to start harvesting but with late frosts there is not a lot I can plant just yet.
Harvey was of course a big help, directing my horticultural pursuits from his pram.
I've started my list of projects to complete.
Even the incomplete list scares me :o)
I do have some fabulous fabric though....
Ab x


  1. Oh...I always love watching plants grow and flowers.....

  2. Those beds look great Abbe, they will look even better in spring - good luck

  3. Your garden beds look wonderful! And they'll look even better full of veggies! :0)