Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We visited Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne last Friday.
The service we received was excellent and the process was simple.
An ultrasound, a confirmed diagnosis of Hip Displasia and a brace fitted.
Our lovely boy has to wear a 'Dennis Browne Bar' brace for six months, maybe less if things improve quickly. There are cuffs on each thigh and a bar that runs under his bum.
The next four weeks he has to wear it 24/7 which no doubt is uncomfortable for him but in general he's fine.
As you can see he still sleeps well, especially after breaky in bed with his biggest fan ;o)

We're off for a walk with a playgroup friend. Another gorgeous sunshiney, winter day that needs to be enjoyed. Fortunately Harvey fits in the pram and car seat with the brace so other than having to support his legs so they don't get uncomfy, all is pretty normal.

Thanks for the love and support bloggy peeps. It's been wonderful.

Might even do some craft at the next time...

Ab x

Ps. Yes in the tip pic I am lolling about in my dressing gown and on the phone. The queen of multitasking!


  1. Hey sweetie you are going to be amazed at just how fast your bundle of joy adapts to the frame. When our girl was in something similar we made a skateboard the shape of the letter 'Y' the top 'v'ish bit is where we laid her brace and legs, the tail is where her body rested. On this contraption with it's skateboard wheels she zoomed around the house at will. So adaptable.
    Good luck for a speedy 6 months.

  2. Cuter than ever...err, Harvey of course.. :o)

  3. all the best for the next 6 months little guy & mamma!
    sending you hugs ♥

  4. I am sure Harvey will get used to it far quicker than his parents will!

    Back in the olden days, when my kids were small, I had a friend who's daughter had the same problem. In those days they put the child in a plaster (like for setting broken arms, not the ones you put on cuts and grazes) brace, 24/7 for 6 months, with no time off for good behaviour, which must have been awful, but the little one just adapted to it and got on with her life as though there was no problem.

  5. It looks a lot less scary than the plaster version. Time will wiz by and he'll have no memory of it. The skateboard thing could be fun! Doing a great job Ab. xxx

  6. Hip dysplasia? Hmmmm..... have you checked whether there is any labrador dna in his father's bloodlines?

    Glad he is settling into the whole thing well.

  7. Hey Abbe! im baa-ack.
    That little finger sucker looks like he isnt fazed at all but what seems an annoying happening right now will be such good ammo to show pics of at his 18th, 21st, full size on video at the wedding, the list is endless...
    Boy alot happens when one is offlineish.
    I bet he trumps it and that brace comes off early!
    p.s thanks for all the 'moving love' while ive been disfunctional

  8. Poor Little Mite..it looks so Uncomfortable for him...he doesn't seem to mind though..
    He's such a Good Baby..
    MWAH to Harvey.

  9. It is surprising how well little ones adapt to things. More worring for the parents.
    Hugs to you both.

  10. Six months isn't that long really! I'm sure he'll get used to the brace. Kids are very adaptable. :0)