Friday, December 17, 2010

Green dreams

Green is my favourite colour and due a few purchases and now gifts I think bubs is going to be seeing green.
The wonderful and charming Deb bought this gorgeous green bib for the mini-me.
I love the Pukeko's (New Zealand birdies) running along the bottom. They'll make me smile and think of you every time I wipe up baby's spit Deb :o)

Sticking with the birdie and green thing...Green is very much a family thing - good ole aunt Pam loves it too. I've had this chicken planned for a while and for once one of my impulse creations has come to fruition. The chook is cut out from some fabric (not pieced) and I made the legs out of embroidery thread with buttons for feet.
I hope Pammy likes her pin cushion. It's a belated birthday pressie.

Now I've got a week off before Christmas to visit, sew and shop for last minute gifts and relax.
It should be a fun week.
Hope you're all feeling festive.
Ab x


  1. The green bib is cute.
    The dotty green chicken pincushion is gorgeous.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  2. We bought a lot of green for our little one before he was born, and before we knew he was a he! Lucky he looked good in green!
    Cute birdie! Make sure relaxing is at the top of your list!

  3. Love green, actually my favourite colour combination is green & pink, so good luck with that if you have boy in your belly!! Love Posie

  4. Nice as long as you don't call the kid Kermit.

  5. Love the cushion Abs. I never realised your fav colour was green.

  6. So bubs is going green? Smart kid! Love the chook pincushion! :0)

  7. Green is my favourite! Love the pincushion.

  8. What a cute bib. I think your pincushion is wonderful. Enjoy your week off. Is Mr CP off too?

  9. Green with envy am I re" the cushion Ab...Ace - you're a clever chick. Hoping to see you soon....P MWAH

  10. Ooooooh are you hinting to us about the green theme ;) I do love green. Mint green for uni sex baby.....of maybe baby 'Kermit CP'