Friday, December 10, 2010

Luscious Largesse

Each time I think I look like a real pregnant person someone shoots me down.
Normally I wear a uniform for work so being out of uniform I stand out a lot.
I just got asked why I was out of uniform. Again.
 The naughty little smart arse in me (not the baby, the one that's always been there) always wants to give a cheeky answer - I paid my 50 cents/gave my can of food for the poor people so I could wear free dress (something we used to do at high school). I would have thought with this tummy it would be obvious but then again I do know how much people tend to miss details...
24 weeks
No, it wasn't Wednesday when I took the pics but it was just prior to bedtime so I wasn't going to rush off and put a bra on before bed. So Kate, enjoy! ;o)

Some more stitchery has happened but it's for gifts so no showing yet and half a block for the Around the Block swap I am in before I ran out of steam.

Hope you're all sewing well.
Ab x


  1. Its lovely luscious, not so largesse women like you that make me want to get pregnant again!
    Only I DONT look like you at all, as im short and chunky and it gets accentuated by the belly and!
    Put it this way. I cry when I go bra shopping.
    Ive told you already YOU look stunning and very gorgeously pregnant! x

  2. You make me sound like a perve!!!!!!

  3. Enjoy the no bra's as you will be needing them more when you have baby CP. You look fabulous.

  4. Go Kate!
    Looking lovely there Ab.

  5. Can I touch it?! If I make a wish will it come true?
    And I would just like to add......isn't everyday bra's off? Or are we going with Wednesday only because we are all grown up and shit ;)
    Hope that crazy car got off my quilt lol! xox

  6. Heehee, soon you wont be so comfy without your bra. I agree with Kerri.
    Nice tummy happening there. Maybe you could roll up your top at work. Then they'd notice