Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maybe not the intended use

When Bianca Jae made this mini quilt for me I don't think she envisaged it being a cat mat.
A.B likes to watch me sew. She often makes several attempts to get on my lap but when I have got up to cut or iron one too many times she takes up a position elsewhere. She is sitting on the table behind my machine here and just after this pic she curled up for a nice little nap.
Lucky bugger.

I have been stitching and sewing each night while Mr CP is away for a few days. It's nice to get lost in the threads without feeling like I'm neglecting anyone or missing imperative cuddles.

So far I have managed a block for a swap that was quite late after I mixed the material up with that of another swap. I've finished a gift for my sewing groups KK. That involved some stitchery which I am still very new to - a really pretty Gail Pan elf design. Tomorrow night I'll try and get a block or two of my Around the Block swap done. It's a sewing mission this week.

Lucky I've got someone to watch over me....

Ab x


  1. Isn't it funny how cats just seem to find "their" right place? And it is always on a quilt. Happy stitching!

  2. She looks so happy on that little quilt, and ready for a nap!

  3. AB is like most cats I know and always finds a nice quilt to sleep on.
    Enjoy your stitching.

  4. Hey Lovely! I had a wand - every now and then I be a cat - esp in winter - Id find somewhere all warm n nice - like that quilt and do as A.B did... Life is weird (nay tumultuous) at the moment - I am hoping to see you guys sometime Monday Night - I wont be there for dinner tho. Pip xo MWAHHHHH

  5. Sorry if this posts twice I just found your blog and became a follower cute cat