Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A bit of pre Christmas cheer

Monday night was dinner with the sewing girls at a nice restaurant in Daylesford.
This is the stitchery I made for my KK gift.
And this is what I made!
I filled it with chocolates because a stocking must have something in it.
The stitchery is from Gail Pan and I'm looking forward to making the whole Busy Little Elves quilt one day soon.
I received a lovely prezzie which I'll blog as soon as I've taken some pics.

 This green number is for one of the ladies in the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. Crazy patchwork was the request and hopefully it's crazy enough. The heart has some green ribbon that came with the fabrics. I think this will be a very pretty quilt when it's all pieced together.

Today was supposed to be the annual jaunt to some patchwork shops with the aunts but with the wild weather we decided to postpone it. I'm hoping to get some more swap blocks done but I woke up with a really sore back so maybe more couch time instead.

Maybe I can get a little stitching done.... ;o)
Ab x


  1. Monday night was fun!! I loved looking at all the handmade pressies, so many lovely things. Thanks for organising dinner xo

  2. Looks fab Abbie, hope you had another good stitching day today.

  3. Oh it was so fun wasn't it!
    Got the goss for me yet?
    Thanks from me for organising it too. X

  4. Dinner sounded fun. Our couch GIVES me a sore back! I hope yours feels better soon, x