Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Give blood. Do it. If for no other reason than because a crafty minx needs you too.
Who knows, it could be your family member or even you that needs to use blood from the blood bank in your country.

It's easy. It does not take long and best of all there are free cookies, cake and all-you-can-drink cups of tea.
Do it! I know we are all rushed at this time of year but while you sit there you can use your time wisely.
You could do some stitching.
You could write some Christmas cards.
You could write your letter to Santa.

You could save a life.

The perfect gift this Christmas. Aussie residents - Make an appointment 13 14 95.

Righto, hopping down off my soap box now.
Ab x


  1. Thanks Abs - that's a very lovely soapbox you have there!
    I do all my drawings when I go to my infusions now - it's the perfect quiet spot and I get about three hours every three weeks to dedicate to it.

  2. I've spent too much time in England, they don't want my blood anymore, but i used to donate at Uni, great way to get lunch, double bonus!! Love Posie