Friday, May 7, 2010

Warm fires and luscious smells

So it's cold. Not super 'I think my bones are going to snap' cold but cold enough.
Give it a month or so and it'll be that cold!
The fire is being lit most afternoons so I'm back to the routine of lugging wood and wishing I lived in a house with decent insulation and instant heat.

Having said that I recently came home to these lovelies to enjoy...just because.
Yep, that man is a keeper!

This tea pot and the tea came from my friend Lisa. My Christmas present that she kept forgetting to bring when we were meeting up. I love it. Perfect for real tea. I absolutely love the colours on the pot.
and I'm totally going to use the tea tin which has three compartments. Perfect some sewing notions.
Visit my friend Michelle for her latest tea purchases.

I made it for Mr CP but then I thought it wasn't going to be big enough so I got discouraged and didn't give it to him for Christmas like I'd planned.

Then he read some old blog posts.
Then he asked where his laptop bag was....
and it fits!
Apparently gifts come to those who ask :o)

And Amy and I have still been bonding. I added some love and the extra contrast made this sing rather than the humming from before. Love it!
I just got an email about 20% off Amy Butler Midwest Modern and I dare?

Sew well Lovelies,
Abbe x


  1. I think it's so sweet that he read your blog and found out his pressie... thank goodness it fit!

  2. how sweet to get flowers!!! lucky you. my husband does that sometimes. i am loving your Amy quilt...looks great

  3. I love the flower pot.... it!!! Take that 20% off and your quilt!

  4. How nice DH found out about his pressie. Lucky his laptop did fit though.
    Beautiful flowers too.
    Presents also come to those that wait. Gorgeous tea pot and great caddy(for buttons etc)
    Love your Amy Butler quilt and Yes be a devil and buy some MORE!!!

  5. I wondered what happened to the lap top bag. Lovely flowers and happy shopping!!

  6. The flowers were just beautiful. Mr CP,s definitely a keeper, as you said.

    I don't drink tea (I know, shocking since I'm English!), but loved the teapot.

  7. Great post Ab! Love the laptop bag story and the flowers, sweet! Your quilt is looking pretty amazing, wow. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday night xo

  8. Nice quilt there girly.
    Great story about your man and his pressie.