Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Not the boring mending, the getting better mending. I've still be under the weather (and the weather hasn't seemed pretty) but I managed some machine time. I made two blocks for the 1st Wed Block Swap.
Alex wanted Drunkards Path blocks and she wanted BRIGHT!

I love how they've turned out. Alex gave us a lot of freedom in regard to technique so I did raw edge applique, adding some of my own bright fabric.

I've still been relying on the fire (my only form of heating) which also means lugging lots of this around.
The novelty wears off quick smart but it does make you appreciate the resources it takes to get warm.

I decided it was time to lay out my flower blocks and see how they actually look all together. I've been making these for a few years...now that I think about it, I've been making them for at least four years!
I'm pretty happy with the overall look. At least another row or three to go.
I guess there won't be a finish any time soon...

Thanks for all of the lovely 'get well' messages.
I'm making soup today for an extra health boost. 

Happy sewing,
Ab x


  1. Wood carting novelty wearing off here too. I always get the one with the spider on it. Glad you are starting to feel better.

  2. the blocks are coming along great...i can see how a wood stove and the novelty of it could wear off after awhile

  3. I was just going to tell you that chicken soup is what you need - but not the shop-bought stuff, and if I lived a bit nearer I'd have brought some round for you. I didn't think that posting a bowl to you would work somehow.

    The flower blocks are pretty and I look forward to seeing them all together and quilted.

    Take care of yourself. xx

  4. So pleased you are on the mend.
    Yes it does get boring lugging wood but the warmth is lovely from the good lod wood fire.
    Love the brights in your blocks too.

  5. Did you tell me those blocks were called Drunkard's Path? Hmmm no wonder you enjoyed them so much. You already know I love them and I feel extra special that I've seen them in real life too. Thanks heaps for being the nail technition today and hanging out with me and Pepper. X

  6. Your flower blocks look great! We heat with wood all winter long here in Ohio so I know all about hauling in firewood! That's one reason I'm so glad it's spring now!! :0)

  7. Hey Abbe, those flowers are amazing, I still can't believe your hand sewing, it's so impressive. Hope you are feeling better soon honey, take care xo

  8. It has been 10 years and I have to say I still love the ambiance of a wood fire, sorry! The fabric used in the drunkards path is just delightful, gorgeous! And you know I LOVE your flower blocks! You are amazing!