Friday, January 8, 2010

A Midsummers Dream

I won this lovely pack of fat quarters from Penny at Sew Take a Hike as part of the Flea Market Fancy Freaks giveaway - lots people trying to get Denise Schmidt's lovely fabric line reprinted.. I'm pretty chuffed with the win. Many thanks to Penny.

I made a very necessary purchase from retromummy

I HAD to have some of this flannel. It is soooo cute and although Corrie suggested on her site that it would be great for kids Pj's....I think I'll be making some big kid Pj pants out of it. Check out the sheep, the tail is a ball of wool!!! It's a very light flannel and will be great for mooching in around here as summer heads into autumn in a few months. Too hot tonight though, we're in for a heat wave.

Then I bought a couple of pieces, just because :) and Corrie threw in the bambi fabric - love it!
So now I have some snails, princely frogs and a lovely deer to add to the collection.

Last night Mr CP and I ventured out to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne to see A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Australian Shakespeare Company. It was wonderful. It was funny with a few modern twists and really well acted. I have previously seen Romeo and Juliet and plan on seeing whatever they come up with each year if I can.

Still binding away and pondering the next quilt-to-be.

Happy sewing,
Abbe :o)

Blogger seem to have changed things around and I can't find the spell check. Grrrr. All apologies for any booboos.


  1. The fabrics you won are gorgeous, also love your PJ flannel. Of course you had to buy the other cute fabric too.
    So nice to have an evening out with Mr CP watching a play in the Botanical Gardens.

  2. Been wondering how the romantic mid week venture went?
    Nice fabric, I should have raided your mail box while you were out. Reveling in my own retromummy purchases here too.

  3. these fabrics are all so fun. i love the little ball of wool that those sheep have for a tail. it is snowing here...hard to imagine it being hot somewhere else.

  4. I must admit I'd been cutting up the flannel and only this week really looked at the little sheep to see how cute it was! it arrived by accident, i thought it was canvas but arrived at flannel! go the big kids pj's! they will be beautifully soft!!!!!

    glad it arrived safely, just wait till you see what is set to arrive in feb/march! oh my! my favourite coming is bambi with glitter and wearing ear muffs and a scarf in the snow! sooooo cute!


  5. Love the sheep, too cute!

    ttfn :) Yuki

  6. I saw midsummer nights dream in year 11 at school. It was magical! I even wore some gold satin damask pants lol Love your blog by the way!