Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am a square!

Still binding, only about 40cm to go. In the mean time I just had to have a new start in 2010. I couldn't help myself.

This beautiful range of fabric is called the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell for Moda. I bought two charm packs a few years ago and then picked up some meterage along the way to make a quilt with choclate brown sashing, big floral borders and lots and lots of


There are 90 charm squares that I need to trim and then cut into four. I have cut 84 so far so only...

276 to go!

The quilt design is inspired by one that I saw at Gail B's a long time ago and just knew I had to make something like it. As usual I will try and put my own twist on it.

Cooking up a storm today as I have friends coming for the weekend. We are having a Indian style beef curry which is in the oven slow cooking now, along with a lentil curry, rice and naan bread. My house smells amazing and it's making me hungry!

Back to the kitchen,

Abbe :o)


  1. The quilt will look gorgeous when you are done. Keep cutting Abbe.
    OH! I can smell your dinner from here LOL

  2. this is going to be lovely. i love simple squares

  3. oh delicious! did you have to mention the cooking! yum, I love marathon cooking sessions before I had all my kids! but every now and then I get the cookbooks out and do lots of cooking in one go!!!

    love all those squares and quilting so far! good luck on your binding!
    Corrie: )

  4. Oooooo, were you expecting me? Sounds yum and I can smell it from here.