Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I fell in love.....


Oooooh what could it be..........
My NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In action :o) I made a Sticky Date Christmas Pudding (mixed fruit and brandy to make it Christmassy - lovely)

Ever since I saw my first one, I knew I had to have one but deep down inside I didn't think I ever would. Then Special Edition, 90th Anniversary came to be and Candy Apple Red, it was made just for me! Yep, I licked that spoon he he he.
My blog is definitely going to include more baking from now on. I also received a pressure cooker from Santa (he looks a lot like my dad) so it's going to be a cookfest from now on around here.
Time to do some quilting on the Commish.
Abbe x


  1. Cool, I'm in love too but it will be a while before I ever have one.
    Do the red ones go faster??

  2. I have a red one too. Great farewell present from my last job. Think I need the ice cream maker attachment now!!

  3. ohhhhh red is lovely! I love mine, I call mine betty and I got her after giving birth to my twins. My goodness me I love mine! I love that I can walk away while it is still being the little workhorse that it is!!!!!

    at first i was way too scared to use it and get it dirty but now it is well used!

    I've got cream which is lovely and retro but man I love red!


  4. I assume that my slice of the pud is in the post to me?

    It looks great, but huge!

  5. what a beautiful new baby...that red is amazing

  6. Love your new baby but even one of those beauties would not help my cooking. I bet the "Sticky Date Pud" was yummy.

  7. Oh jealous!! What a baby!! Has been on my wish list for ages. Love the red too xox

  8. green with envy! did you spend a fortune?

  9. I would trade my husband in for one of those!!! You lucky thing

  10. she's gorgeous! I love that special edition red! I just got a pink KA which I named Tilly. She is still in her box because we have recently moved, but hopefully she will come out to play soon :)