Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Update

The blocks are rolling in...or at least they will be. I can't wait to see them all and then there's the challenge of making them all work together. I know they will.
I must, once again, thank all of you who are contibuting. I have been known to be a bit jaded at times (yes, even in one so young :) but I feel inspired and overwhelmed. You people ROCK!

Marie from Life of the Block has posted these three lovelies.

The super purple Kelly from Purple Paisley Patch has made these gems;

and sweetie B from Bianca Jae Makes Stuff (good stuff too!) has done these wonders.

These are just a few of the pics I've been emailed. This next week is going to give my letter box a full on work out! I cannot wait to see what arrives.

You will all go down as angels of blogland in my book. I'll do a full round up when the blocks come in.

In relation to my friend, the person that this is all about. She is doing well. She has been in the hospital for almost a week and is starting to get her head around things. We had a good conversation on Saturday and her spirit is still there, it's just a little smooshed at the moment. She has been allowed to have her sewing machine so there could actually be some real therapy - sewing has to be one of the best kinds.
I can't wait to hand her the quilt. I'm really hoping to keep it a secret from her until then.

At last count there are more than 30 blocks being made or already on their way to me via snail mail. Yay!


Ps. If I get 'too many' (no such thing) blocks I am thinking I will make a second quilt to be donated to a charity that supports people with, or researches in depression and they can auction it off to raise money. Any thoughts or does anyone have issues with that?


  1. I came over here from Terry's Treausures...and how long do we have? In Amerika Samoa we only have packages going out once a week, maybe twice for letters? That is on Thursday and Friday....

  2. I know when people were donating blocks for my comfort quilt, there was talk of raffling a second quilt if there were too many blocks. Then it was decided that just making the quilt bigger or making a second one was a better idea, simply because the blocks had all been made for me. I'm glad they decided to do it that way because otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of the beautiful blocks! Just my opinion here...I know you'll do whatever is best for your friend! :0)

  3. You could do a pieced back with the extra blocks if there are too many. I've got plenty of wadding here, we will measure some off on our "play date".

  4. They all look so pretty together. I can't wait to see all the different purples and mauves!

  5. Happy Aussie Day Abbe!

    I think a pieced back sounds fab, but if you still have too many blocks, a charity quilt would be fab.

    I was soooooo happy to see an Australian psychiatrist, specialising in treating youth with mental health issues, win Australian of the Year. I think people are slowly starting to understand just how widespread mental health issues are in our society, and that people need support rather than judgement.

    Kelly :-)

  6. Hi. Do you need any more patches. I am happy to make a couple. Cherrie

  7. I think that's a lovely idea Abbe.

  8. Pleased to hear your friend is on the mend.Oh you will have fun putting all the blocks together. Will look great.Julie's idea of a pieced back sounds good.

  9. How lovely that your friend has her machine! My package is ready to go in tomorrow's post.

  10. I'm so glad your friend is doing well Abs. If you have a lot of blocks, what about making a quilt for your friend, and then making them for her family (I think you told me she had kids?) as they're going through this with her.

  11. I think that's a great idea , you are a very kind person . My blocks have been posted mmm hope they are useable , lol !

  12. Would love to sew some blocks for your friend. It's a lovely idea. Hope I'm not too late. Being new to blogging, what is the process to getting your postal address?