Monday, February 15, 2010

No sew

I wish I could sew more. I work full time and shift work at that. Some days I just don't have the energy or the concentration levels required and sometimes I'm just lazy. I dream of getting a position that doesn't leave me so tired and days off that actually feel like days off.

Enough of sooky pants mode, these are things I've enjoyed today:

As silly as it seems, I'm excited because my olive has OLIVES!

How can you not smile when looking at sunflowers?

I'm pretty sure she was telling me off for something. Yelling 'I WANT FISH FOR TEA. GIVE ME FISH!!!' Love her :o)

Maybe a stitch or two tomorrow after a restful night tonight...

Abbe xx


  1. Hey Abs,

    It's no fun being too tired to sew, I hope you feel a bit more energised tomorrow.

    Gorgeous photos, I especially love the piccie of your cat. Cats certainly aren't afraid to make their opinions known. LOL

    So, what do you do for work, and shift work at that? I did shift work for many years. It was very draining to work and sleep at odd times, but it was great to have time of during the "standard" working week, to get stuff done. The main problem with working "standard" hours is that there's no time to get things done during working hours.

    I wish we could all earn a decent wage working 4 days a week. It would mean more work for more people and give us all some time, other than weekends, to get stuff done. Oh well, a girl can dream!

    Feed that cat some fish, and then cuddle up with her on the couch for a restful evening.

    Kelly :-)

  2. Nup, no olives on my tree, just went and had a look. Your cat is so funny. Yes, you do need to find a job with more human hours. Its very detrimental to your stitching this current one.

  3. Sometimes you just need to sit.No sew days are good. Hope you feel more relaxed tomorrow.

    Love the photo of the cat LOL

  4. rest will help that motivation come back!!! what a cute kitty!!

  5. Oh the day (or night) job wreaks havoc on the craft time doesn't it.
    I keep having to remind myself that my day job is actually pretty a not crafty pay the bills kind of way !

  6. Dido. I wish I could sew more too. The ideal job. What is it???? Love your sunflower. And your cat is so cute.

  7. I hope you have a really good rest and feel better tomorrow .