Sunday, February 28, 2010


After a long day at work the other day I decided I needed some sugar -
You don't want to know how many I ate in one sitting. There are still a few left :o)
I made my way to Amitie for their sale on Friday. It really is a lovely store, I feel inspired every time I go in. Rumour has it that they are making room for some dress fabrics. I can't wait! I was pretty restrained with my purchases - I had to buy the green and white flowers. It's going to be a bag one day. As for the rest....stashed!
I have some mid-week days off this week so I'll get back into the purple wonder then.... I've said it now so I have too!
Sew well peeps,
Ab x


  1. Two of the world's best inventions, fabric and sugar.

  2. Oh, I don't know what's sweeter- the candy or the fabric!

  3. Love what you brought for you stash!

  4. Now if I eat your lollies, I don't have to count the points right?? Enjoy your days off mid week xox

  5. Shall I offer to eat them for you and save you (and Bianca) from yourselves?

    I love the second fabric on the left, it's a great colour.

  6. Wish I'd known you'd be at Amitie on Firday. It would have been lovely to catch up!
    Andi :-)

  7. Sherbert bombs, jaffas and fizzoes? Yum!

  8. I don't know which picture looks yummier. Love that green and white fabric. X

  9. oh yum I can never say no to fabric or lollies either! i always need a sugar fix