Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have a crush.....

Nope, it's not a boy, not some famous singer, not even a well built sportsman it's.....A BLOGGY CRUSH.

Jules from Narioka has stolen my heart :o) I knew blogland was going to be a fun place. The idea of having a blog and then the thought of actually having followers seemed amazing. Be still my beating heart. What I didn't realise is that I would make really good friends. I had a great day at Julie's place the other week. She has wonderful property and a lovely family to make her house a home. Yep, I want her to adopt me!

If I could make a side bar, award button to give you Jules, I would. You make me giggle, you offer most excellent crafty and life advice and best of all you make the BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER!!!!

Go visit her blog. She rocks. Please remember that she's mine and I'm keeping her (sorry Jules, it's just how it has to be :)

I'm so looking forward to putting bodies to the pictures of several other bloggers out there who are coming to Sew It Together in May. I can't wait to meet these chicks who actually make me snort with laughter sometimes. Not pretty at all but it means they must be damn funny! So much personality and crafty genius in one room could make my head explode.

I made a few essential purchases over the last weeks. I've been hankering for some Folksy Flannel by Anna Maria Horner but I was resiting. Then I got a 25% off discount at Quilt Home and I couldn't help myself.
I want to make a bright and fresh looking, but warm and snuggley quilt for winter as it gets very cold here and I love the feel of flannel.

I also bought some Wonderland as I can't resist it and then the fun cars just because they are cool. This lot was from Fabric Worm and it only took a week to get here which is amazing. Postage was reasonable and the prices were good so I'll shop there again.

Righto, that's enough love for one day. Stop blushing Jules!
Ab x


  1. thanks for sharing...i went to look at her blog and i love it. i am understanding the Jules love!!!

  2. OMG Ab. You shouldn't be posting at 1am in the morning, you are delirious.

    I AM blushing!!!! I don't know what to say. I'm quite smitten with my new friend too, people are going tog talk aren't they!

    Now, the adoption......what type of sewing machine do you come with?


  3. Teehee!! We all love a good blog crush! And Julie is such a sweetie. Wise choice for a crush. Although I think I might turn serious...
    Cant wait for sew it together too!!!!! So many fab people in the one place!!! And shopping!!!! WOOHOO!!! xox

  4. Thank you for sharing Jules, Abbe!

  5. She's pretty cool isn't she ! Don't you love it when you find a great blog that is crafty and funny , I snort coffee out my nose often but only coffee .

  6. OMG I LOVE those Anna Maria Horner flannels! I got some of the top one you're showing but I wish I had a bunch more. You could make this quilt off of Anna Maria's website: