Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've ironed out my flat spot

Firstly and most importantly - another and I think the final purple block. Oh, really, no more? No, no more but a huge total of guzumptymillion is probably more than enough!

This lovely block is from Andrea :

Actually guzumptymillion turns out to be SEVENTY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is absolutely amazing. I have set out the blocks and just need to start pressing and stitching now. I'm so excited about how it is going to turn out. I'll keep you posed.

A sneak peak at piles of purpley fun....
And this was my therapy that got me over the tired hump and back to inspiration.
I turned this......

Into this!
Okay so not all of it but most of it. This is the Swell Nicey Jane that I picked out of the pile to iron. Doesn't it look pretty all pressed and folded. Love it!
I found the mundane-ness of ironing these a great way to refocus without making silly tired and permanent cutting mistakes. Thanks to all of you who wished me a good sleep and a brand new day :o)
Ab xx


  1. Wow! 72 blocks is fantastic! Your friend is going to get a lovely quilt full of love! Have fun sewing it up! :0)

  2. OMG - I spy my most favourite ever fabric in that messy pile of yours, it looks like you have heaps of it. It's the AB Charm Fairy Paisley in light blue - YUM!!!!

    72 blocks - excellent. What layout are you thinking of going with - 12 rows of 6???

    Glad you've ironed out your flat spot and are feeling inspired again.

    Kelly :-)

  3. this is going to be amazing....your friend is going to love it.

  4. WOW 72 just great. ou can make a beautiful big quilt for your friend.Have fun.

  5. What a fantastic number of blocks. Quilty people are so generous aren't they?

    Glad you've got over the tiredy thing.

  6. Now you have you flat spot iron out, did you want to do mine. lol

    Great number of squares. It will be a lovely quilt.

  7. Bring on the purple quilt!!!!
    Love a nicely iron pile of pretty fabrics.

  8. That is amazing!! Can't wait to see them all put together! xox