Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love the wonk!

I have never made a wonky star before but I will be making more!
I made this one for Flic as part of the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. I added a couple of fabrics but most is from Flic. Love her taste. I will explore the wonk a lot more from now on and endeavour to be more wonky next time. It was fun and freeing to do.

I started playing with my little squares. There is lots of repitition of patterns in different colourways. I'm a bit anal about not having too many similar patterns next to each other so I will try and plan this one out a bit more than I normally would. It's going to be a long process.

Ta Daaaaa!!!
I started the purple wonder.
That's your only sneak peak (unless I feel the need to flaunt it along the way).
Things seem to be coming together well so far.
Fingers crossed it lives up to its potential!

What a lovely sewing day. I pottered around, listened to music and patted some fabric.
I also managed some hard yards in the garden and went for a run.
I hope you all had wonderful lazy Sundays.
Ab x :o)


  1. I love anything wonky! And wonky stars are on my list to make someday! Love the purple wonder! :0)

  2. Love your wonky star! Wish I'd gone the wonk instead of foundation piecing - what a drama!!! Took me two days, but it's done, will post it later.

    Looking forward to seeing the purple wonder when it's finished.

    Have you joined the Sew It Together name badge swap?

  3. those wonky stars are one of my favorites...and apparently my sons as well...he has been requesting me to make a quilt with one because he loves the pillow i made with it. the purple quilt is amazing. oh please feel the need to flaunt it along the way!!!

  4. Your star is wonderful...I can't believe what all you have on your design wall...amazing!!

  5. Busy girls. Everything looks great. Stars are fun. Puss cat's going to get jealous if you pat your fabric too much. As long as you don't start sleep with a little pile of fat quarters on the bed. She'll be super jealous then.

  6. The wonky star is gorgeous - love those colours. That sure is a lot of little squares to enjoy, and the purple is looking awesome already. Can't wait to see the finished goodies.

  7. The wonky star is great and looks dramatic in those colours. I love the look of Purple Wonder, and hope you do loads more flaunting of it on the way. As for the little squares, I tried to do a quilt like that once, but actually gave up cos it drove me mad trying not to have the same patterns next to each other, not to have the same colours next to each other, etc. It's one of the few things I never finished.