Sunday, April 6, 2014

I want to blog but....

It's a bugger to blog on the IPad and it seems such a pain to get the laptop out. Maybe I just need to shut up and do it.

Anyway, since my last post, I had a weekend at The Retreat (perks of being an owner). As usual I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I had planned but I still managed some finishes. Since then, home has been madness and I only just got a chance to unpack and tidy the sewing cave - it was looking like there been some sort of fabricy yarn explosion.

I did manage to make the PJ pants I'd planned for birthday gifts for Harvey's friends.
I got two robot quilts cut out for the boys.
They are eventually going to have a very roboty bedroom! 
And one little helper had his first play with an IPad care of 'Aunty Bron'. He was loving it. 

After the big tidy up yesterday, I got to working on this very well marinated WIP.
I had stalled due to the blanket stitching that needed to be done on the wheels. I finally did them at sewing last week.
Unfortunately I've now decided it's too small for the intended recipient so I'll set it aside and ponder what to make instead....lucky I've got lots of other fabric to choose from!!



  1. I blog on my IPAD using a app called blogpress. Check it out.

    Love your quilts. So cheerful and happy!!!

  2. If the quilt's too small, how about adding another row of blocks round the outside and then another border? She says, blithely sticking her nose in!

  3. Looks like you made nice gifts for Harvey's girlfriends!!
    Nice Robots for the boys..
    Maybe you can finish the little quilt and keep it in your gift box..
    Hugz to the boys

  4. yep, i blog on my ipad using an app called blogsy. i love the pants!