Thursday, March 13, 2014

And so it grows

My stash that is.
I couldn't resist this 'Wee Wander' fabric by Sarah Jane Studios.
I bought it online from Fabricworm.
It's so pretty but I've no idea what I'm going to do with it.

Over the last weekend I loaded the boys into the car and ventured north'ish to see my buddy.
She lives in a one horse town. I saw the horse, her name is Barbie. She isn't pink.
Among corralling the children, discussing and fixing the wrongs of the world and eating chocolate, we went on an adventure to Boort.
Where I bought some fabric in Boort.
The shop is called Brojayla Patches. They are only open Tues and Wed or by appointment. Fortunately we were able to get an appointment and Michelle kindly opened the store so she could help us spend our pocket money. 
The plan is to save my pocket money from now on.
I stopped at Bendigo Woollen Mills on my way to visit Jules and spent some more pocket money.
I have lots of quilty and now knitty projects planned with my haul so I can't really justify many more buys.
I wonder if I can stick to a stash diet....?

And those boys?
Cheeky as ever!! 
Abbe x


  1. Sounds like a great day out. Going for a drive with the boys to spend time with a friend, as well as fabric and wool buying .
    Harvey and Lachy are both getting so big . Love their big eyes and smile.

  2. Oh what a perfect day, retail therapy with loved ones.

  3. Ace time had as usual. Fabric and chocolate, what more could a girl need.