Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'!

Gonna dance the night away.

From this at 4 months in the DB Bar Brace for his hip dysplasia to...
Taking his first steps with his walker! 
I tried to upload the video but Blogger was going mental.
He goes up and down the hallway (not great with steering just yet but getting there) and giggles and laughs the whole way.
I thought crawling was hectic but I foresee many, many "No Harvey!'s" in our future.
(not to mention, "be careful!!!", "Don't touch that!" and "Come here, Mummy will kiss it better...")

He's ace.
The hip is developing really well according to the specialist.
Some more x-rays over the next few years and lots of good growing and he'll be just fine.

Thanks for the enquiries and support.
Ab xx


  1. GO HARVEY!!!! that's fabulous. Our Zoe is now 12 and dances ,runs and swims with no problems with the hips at all and I am sure Harvey will be the same.

  2. Look at him go! He just makes me smile! :0)

  3. Don't know if I mentioned this before but my now 23 yo niece had hip dysplasia as bebe and went on rpresent Victoria in diving and Queensland and Victoria in gymnastics so go Harvey go!

  4. Our girl was in plaster for 18months for her CHD, she is now 32 and has achieved many many physical goals in her life including show jumping and gymnastics. Actually we attribute her beautiful straight back to her plaster time. She cam out great meanwhile I wonder what damage was dont to our hips lugging her around, LOL.
    Go Harvey!

  5. well done Harvey.. well, you and Mr CP too of course. Hope you've got good running shoes 'cos you're gonna need them... :o)

  6. Hold on to your hat Mama! Your feet aren't going to touch the floor...

  7. Im so happy for you all! This is wonderful.
    Id be putting on my workout gear if I were you Abbe, x

  8. Well done Harvey, there'll be no stopping you now. Keep mum on her toes!

  9. HOW exciting!!! go Harvey ( or should that be No Harvey!)

  10. He's done so well...he'll be off and running now Abbe..

  11. "......and i was runnnnnn---ing..." F Gump...

  12. Oh so cute!! You are so excited about them walking until they run from you in a shopping centre, then you think, hmmm, or in my case, 4 running in opposite directions, just for a challenge.
    Great way to not say "no" is "how about this . . ." option, as they speed up towards danger, trust me, my children were climbers, jumpers, leapers & magically never had a broken bone??!! He's beautiful, love Posie

  13. Hi,

    Just happened across your blog and Harvey. My little man Oscar has been in the DBB for the last three weeks (he's a month old). I noticed that you either made or bought some pants that managed to fit well over the brace. If you purchased them can I ask where you found them? This colder weather is a bit of a clothing challenge!

    I was excited to read that you guys managed to come out of it fairly quickly - gives me some hope!! Thanks for sharing some of your journey.