Monday, May 16, 2011

Cheesey grins!

                                       More wonderful crafted love from the best kind of Trash.
This natty jumper will come in very handy as the days get colder here.

I have managed a bit of time at the machine. 
I made these two blocks for The 1st Wednesday Block Swap. Sewing curves was a challenge but I think they turned out pretty good.

The Harvey Monster joined me in the sewing room yesterday and he slept, lulled by the sound of the machine...well he would have slept anyway but at least I know it doesn't disturb him.
Six weeks yesterday!

But just when you start thinking that about yourself....
Not that entertaining then :o)

I hope all your crafting is making you smile too.
Ab xx


  1. Curves. I can't do curves. Threw my last attempt in the bin. Well done on yours.
    I can hear Harvey laughing from here.

  2. That little man is a cutie!
    He is even letting you get to the machine,
    the curves do look good, I have not even attempted anything so challenging, well done Mrs CP.

  3. He is completely adorable - look at those cheeks!

  4. What an adorable jumper! I have to tell you those pictures of Harvey have had me smiling all day! He's a sweetie! Oh...and your blocks look great too! :0)

  5. What a honey! Although I cant speak for Violet. Im in! She loves to smile too. Maybe Harvey will get a good laugh out of her hiccups. Shes a becoming a legend at them. You have very nice curves, ;)

  6. What gorgeous pictures of Harvey's smile. Good news that you can sew and it doesn't disturb him.. Your curved blocks look really good.

  7. Oh i'm so behind, congratulations, you have a baby!! Sorry Abs, what a handsome devil you have there in your life, love Posie

  8. Oh Harvey you are just so gorgeous. Love your new jumper. thanks to Mum for posting my photos.
    XX Aunt Maria.

  9. Lucky duck. I so wish my three year old would be lulled to sleep by the sound of a sewing machine...just for ONE minute?

  10. Ooh, natty! Did Trash make that? Awesome! He is sooo cute, he looks good in green!