Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good enough to sleep on

Last week I had a wonderful visit with my lovely bloggy mate Jules and her Miss Muff.
As you can see she's a damn comfy woman. Sadly there was no room on her lap for me.
Harvey was lucky enough to receive his wonderful quilt that Jules made.
We absolutely love it and are so grateful for all her stitchy effort. If we had a pool room, this would be going straight to it!
(Movie reference: The Castle)
It really is as gorgeous as it looks.

(Photo stolen from the artist herself)

I've been trying to do a little sewing when Harvey sleeps.
He's a bit of a spewer and in the various mop ups I noticed that our couch cushions were in need of replacement. I had some Ikea fabric bought last year when this minx visited so I made two using the 22" innards from Spotty. I won't show you the closures, one Velcro, one zip. I need work in that area!
Today I did a little hand quilting.
This is another WIP. I did a tidy up of the sewing room and now feel guilty about all of my WIP's and Projects-to-be so I am trying to get some Finishes happening.
I only did one block and my finger is already punctured and sore!
Obviously I don't have a 'real' quilters callous yet.

The Harvey Monster has his first cold so now I can add snot to the list of gross things that I encounter on a regular basis with this baby. Lucky I love him! :o)
I've made healthy, healing soup for tea so hopefully he'll get the goodness of that even if it is indirectly.
Ab x


  1. Babies are so cute and cuddly and yet they emit so much bleeeuuugghhhh!!
    Julie's quilt is really very extremely lovely!!
    Andi x

  2. Gorgeous woman! Gorgeous babies! Gorgeous quilt!
    ive been trying to think of something with foxes on but I may just have to be the exception... x

  3. Hope HM is better soon. Loved our snuggly day. xxx

  4. Oh my goodness, I had to look twice. I thought Jules was feeding the baby. Phew she's not. Love that cozy shot now I know she's not and that quilt is brilliant. x

  5. What a sweet picture.

    Love your bag....

  6. Jules must be very comfy looking at the sleeping babes.
    Beautiful quilt.
    Hope Harvey is better soon and you do not have to deal with too much snot. LOL

  7. I love your Ikea fabric pillows - I made some beach bags out of their fabric and I wish I had bought more - their designs are so bold.

  8. Gorgeous babies! What a sweet picture. Gorgeous quilt!

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  9. I remember the days of having children sleeping on me. I miss them! But not cleaning up all the spewing messes! LOL Love the quilt Jules made! It's beautiful! :0)

  10. Beautiful piccie of Julie with Bubs...I'm Impressed you have had time to Sew...Great!
    Am Loving that Ikea Fabric...

  11. That last picture is fantastic! I love play like this.