Monday, May 9, 2011

Warm hearts

That's what this family has.
Harvey has been wonderfully welcomed into the world by family and friends, bloggy mates and their mums! I'm amazed at how much love has been created because of the birth of our little boy. We're so lucky. He's so lucky. It warms my heart...

A wonderful red and white quilt made by Aunty Jude, using fabric that belonged to my grandmother.
A fabulous heirloom for keeps.

A funky Milo top from 'aunt' Kate. Real men wear cable knits!

These amazing Foxy shoes for my dancing boy. Made by 'aunt' Peta who must be a favourite as Harvey chucked on her at least six times at Craft Group :o)

This gorgeous man-cardy made by 'aunt' Helen, mother of the lovely Jules. It's just so sweet!

This lovely quilt made by 'aunt' Tez. Awesome jungle animal fabric to catch his eye.

Aunt Pam made this great floor quilt with fun shapes to keep H entertained.
He's snuggled under the softest snuggle rug made by 'aunt' Maria and
'aunty' Mez gave Harvey the cutest elephant.

Poppie and Grannie gave him his bath. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more :o)

Hello SMILE!
Who knew his dad was soooo hilarious?
Harvey (and Mr CP) thinks so anyway.

Love him.

Thank you all for the kind words and best wishes for the CP family and especially for our little boy.
He's ace.
You're ace.
Life's good!

Ab xx


  1. Gorgeous pics of your little bloke.
    Hope your Mother's Day was extra special with him.

  2. he's so damn cute i could gobble him all up!!


  3. Such lovely gifts!! I especially love the red quilt at the beginning. Stunning!!!
    Happy mothers day first time mumma!!

  4. Oh he is just gorgeous no wonder folk want to shower him with loving gifts.
    the Red and White quilt is lovely and oh so special too.
    aunt Maria XXX

  5. wow, he's changed so much! Well done you! Hope he spoilt you yesterday. And what a lot of loot- lucky boy!

  6. Hope your first Mothers day was awesome, but then, how could it not be...

  7. Eeeeeeep, Auntie Kate!! I'm thrilled. I've been waiting a very long time to be an auntie to a boy. x

  8. Awww, how cute is that smile. What a loved little fellow he is with all those special presis.

  9. How cute is the photo blowing bubbles. Hasn't he grown. Hope you get lots of use out of the jacket.

  10. He is beautiful, congratulations and I love the red and white quilt.

  11. He is SO adorable. You both must be in baby heaven! Love the last bubble blowing shot, x

  12. Such a precious bath time photo, I loved it! Harvey looks like he has really landed in a good spot! Loved by so many and cared for by two gorgeous parents, what could be better? Glad to hear it's all going so well, you're doing an excellent job Abbe! I love all his pressies, especially the play mat, but those foxy shoes are pretty damn cute too. And as for the vest, I want one! Oh to be a baby again....xo

  13. That red and white quilt is just beautiful! And how special that the fabric was your grandmother's! Love the picture of Harvey smiling! He's a cutie! And thanks for letting me be his honorary auntie! :0)