Monday, May 2, 2011

And so, to sew

Or at least to go into the craft room and shuffle stuff around....

Just as I was warned the days with Harvey are whipping by so fast. We have been busy with lots and lots of visitors (often with baked goods and little blue clothes in hand so of course they are very welcome ;o) as well as the wedding of my best friend. For us it was the more important nuptials on the 29th of April.

The prospect of being a bridesmaid only weeks after getting a Harvey was daunting but a laid back bride (at least about that) meant that it all worked out fairly well. She chose a dress design that was flattering for my deflating, wobbly tummy as well as the other bridesmaid who is 28 weeks pregnant. I'm waiting on some photos as this is the only one I have seen of me so far...

Righto, time to actually step inside the world of craft...I think I might sort through my finished quilt tops and make a list in order to try and create some actual finishes. That is until this fabulous range comes out...

Perfect for my little Mr Fox.
I'm hanging for September when this range comes out!

Ab xx


  1. I am a big fan of going into the " sweing room" and moving various peices of fabric around the room as in 'ooohh I will get that out to make such adn such that" and "ooohhh that woudl make a nice..." and " oh, I have an idea for those those two peices".....

  2. I do that too. Go to the sewing room to rearrange the fabric. My baby is 33 so I need a better excuse than yours.

  3. Abbe, you look lovely and that dress colour is gorgeous. Just stroking your fabric and thinking about what to do with it is such fun, enjoy. Hug for Harvey from Auntie Deb. xx

  4. oooo yummy mummuy.
    A lady told me recently she loved it when her Mum sewed because she was allowed to play with special toys stored in a bottom drawer in the sewing cabinet. Clever Mum I say. Kids stayed occupied while she got to sew.

  5. I'm impressed that you're even thinking about getting back to crafting!!
    Andi xx

    PS You looked gorgeous in that dress!!

  6. You look great in the dress Ab.
    Lovely fabrics but don't wish time to go by too quickly. It flys fast enough now.

  7. You look great in that dress! And that fabric is so sweet! How will you wait until September to get your hands on it?

  8. you look looks as though you did not just have a baby!!!