Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm huntin wabbits!

Happy Easter to all. I hope everyone celebrates in their favourite way.
My favourite way is CHOCOLATE! I came home to discover all sorts of surprises yesterday that included a bunny under my pillow and an egg in my bed sock.
I went to take a photo of my Easter gift this morning and discovered another bunny hiding in my camera case. I think there could be more so I'm huntin wabbits!!!
Just found another one in my running shoe....

This is my fabulous gift. No mistaking who cooks here now.
I love it, especially since it's handmade by Mr CP.

Please don't think me extravagant or prissy about mud but I did go out an buy new runners. I promise it's coincidental. I finally had a chance to get to a Rebel Sport and they had the next model of the old shoes on sale. I'll try and avoid the mud puddles with these pristine ones.

Time for some sewing. I need to get my S.I.T name tag done, as well as April's 1st Wed Block Swap. I still haven't decided on backing for the Purple Wonder so that's on stand-by for now. To the sewing room.....
Ab x


  1. How cool is that sign by Mr CP! Enjoy wabbit huntin' season.

  2. Love the new kitchen sign.
    But I hope it doesn't mean he gets out of all kitchen related duties (including washing up)!!!

  3. What a fun thing to go on, a wabbit hunt. I love the sign too.

  4. They are the only Wabbitts I like Abbe.

    Your kitchen sign is great.