Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Midwest Modern Cat

Today was a day of productivity. Sort of.
Someone is rather keen on helping....


This is what Annabell was helping me make. I have finally cut into my Midwest Modern fat quarters. I have real trouble chopping into fabric sometimes. I don't know if it's fear of stuffing it up or just that obsessive need to have huge piles of yummy fabric to unfold, pat, move around and re-fold.

Does anyone else have rotary cutter anxiety?

I am working from one of those special patterns (one in my head) and thought it would be a baby quilt but I was enjoying it so much that I have cut a another big pile of rectangles.
I guess it's going to be another lap quilt....

Abs x


  1. Annabell looks a little offended. Would she prefer to be quilting instead of piecing?

  2. these look great! cute helper

  3. Love your fabrics and can see why you like to fold, re fold etc.....

  4. Yes I have favorite fabric I just can't cut or even take out of the packaging.

    Annabell is gorgeous!!

  5. How funny, I like to do the same thing. I finally took that big step and have been cutting my yardage down to more manageable pieces.

    I love the pattern you are doing, look forward to seeing more of it. Maybe Annabell is trying to tell you she likes it and wants it when its done;-)


  6. Cutting into the fabric is one of my favourite parts of the whole quilt-making process. Your new quilt will be lovely.

  7. I don't have rotary cutter anxiety but I do have a posse of useful/less helpers who like to join me when I'm making things.

  8. Hey Abbe, I've just realised that I wasn't following you! Silly me. Have a great weekend xo

  9. Just found your Blog and enjoyed my visit