Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest post

Hi everyone, my name is Chuck and I live around the corner from Ab. She asked me to do a guest post about my quilting endeavours but I thought I might talk about her instead. Abbe has been raving on about some purple creation that she seems to have got herself involved in. Not really sure of the details but she's definitely head down, bum up trying to get things done. I think she'll be off-line until that happens.

Oh, she has also meant to blog about the lovely Christmas wall hanging that he aunt Jude made for her. Why she hasn't blogged it before now, I don't know! It only just got taken down as the reality of chocolate eggs in the shops made her realise that the festive season is well and truly done. Anywho, Jude does wonderful work and is way more  talented and productive then she realises.

Wishing you all many happy sewing days and several bananas (what a stereotype!)
Chuck :o)
Ps. Hope you like the pic of me, the right is my best side...


  1. My what a handsome neighbour you have!!! Just make sure you have plenty of bananas on hand - I don't know what state he would get in if there was no food....

  2. What charming neighbor you have Abbe!!!!My are quiet boring compared to yours.

  3. Just be careful not to annoy him.

  4. Hi Chuck, look forward to your future installments, Ab really shouldn't leave her doors unlocked and her lap top on should she!

  5. Hey Chuck - tell Ab I'm with her - what is the point of having all those gorgeous handmade deco's if you can't look at them for at least a few month.
    Love your portrait. Lucky Ab having a good friend like you.