Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabulous PIF

Check out my fabulous Pay It Forward gift from Maree. I'm so lucky! She made me an absolutely stunning bag with beautiful applique and a great pincushion - I had just been thinking that I needed another decent sized one. There was also a lovely tin, some butterfly charms and a postcard of the Dongarra quilt hanging. It's more than I ever expected Maree, thank you.

This is the March installment of the 1st Wednesday Block Swap. Liz wanted triangles. It was supposed to be more wonky but this is what happened so I'm embracing it. I hope it works in well with the rest of Liz's blocks.

And this is what I did this afternoon. I just did a half batch of the recipe on M.E's blog. They look great and smell great and I'll be tasting them in just a minute....

Happy sewing and thanks to Chuck for looking after things in my absense.
More on my absense tomorrow...
Ab x


  1. Very generous PIF. Lucky you.
    I can see a degree of wonk, very cute.
    and YUM!

  2. hi:: thanks for sending this hot cross bun recipe on , i'll be makin' some!!

  3. I admire your self control! Whenever I make hot cross buns I DOUBLE the recipe! Lovely crafty goodness around your place too...